Sources of spam email

.. and some solutions
So anybody with an email address will get spam email. It's pretty much a fact of life, and fortunately filters find 98% of it and maybe the odd email goes to your spam folder by mistake.

5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet

I'm trying out this new fasting diet, and thought it would be interesting to share how it's going.
tl;dr "Fast" two non-consecutive days per week, of two 12 hour fastings beginning with a single meal of 300 calories. "Feed" five days of "eat what you like".

Simple 3D effects in Javascript

I've been messing around with "3D" effects using Javascript for some fun, and present here a simple step by step guide of how to create some effects. I'm only using the jQuery library for DOM manipulation, and no other library. You can download these standalone examples and hopefully find them useful for building your own thing.

Adding Subsonic Behaviours Initialize, BeforeSave, AfterLoad

After using SubSonic DB for a few weeks, refactoring out an old DAL/ORM I found that I needed to hook into the Entity Behaviour; Initialize, Save and Load etc.

JQuery dropdown select replacement plugin

Replace <select> dropdown list controls with a clickable visible list of items on the page. Save that annoying 'click to view list' 'click to select' friction when picking from a short list of options.

Javascript, delaying multiple clicks with a timer

Sometimes you might want to delay an long running action, to allow a user to perform multiple clicks, wait a while and when you think they're done - fire the action.


If you visited, thanks! I don't know why I created the site, well it was a mad whim. The whole thing was put together in about an hour.

Random internet stranger, I salute thee!

We all know that people are good. I’m good, you’re good, we’re all good people. But what about those scary random strangers on the internet...are they good people?

Quick tour of Visual Studio 2012

With the release of Visual Studio 2010 just around the corner, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at Visual Studio 2012. Here are a few of the exciting things I found.

Quantum and Anti-Bugs

While refactoring one day, I couldn't work out why my code had broken. That's not unusual, and so I checked and re-checked the new code that I'd written. Nope, it was bug free!

Facebook Chat Authentication in C#

As part of the XDA Facebook Windows application I wrote an interface for Facebook Chat. This article has lots of sexy techno-bable like X509, TLS, Base64 and some yummy X-Facebook-Platform too.

No results for "Google" in Bing

Maybe I just caught Bing on an off day?

Derren Brown lottery prediction deep maths error

I just finished watching the marvelous Derren Brown’s “How to Win the Lottery” program, as well as watching the live “prediction” last Wednesday where he reveals the numbers after the draw.

aspnet_regiis 0x80004005 Windows 7 IIS 7

"aspnet_regiis -i" crashes when executed from command giving error code 0x80004005 on Windows 7 with IIS7

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